Yikes! Brandon’s Twin Sisters Turn Three!

Yikes! Brandon’s Twin Sisters Turn Three!

We just spent a wonderful couple of days with our almost three-year-old twin granddaughters. Although their baby years are documented in three CreateSpace books, they continue to love to read their stories about themselves and their relationship with their older brother, Brandon. We have also captured their life stories in their own photo albums. Anna and Maria love to look at themselves as babies growing up. Although they look alike, they consistently inform us which baby they are in each photo. They also keep telling us they want to dress differently, but when given choices they will still pick out the same outfits and giggle as we clarify which child we are dressing.

Independent Personalities

As three-year-old preschoolers, each is developing an independent personality with an individualized style of relating to the world. Each is also developing a unique way of expressing herself. And they have different art styles as one is more particular and the other is very messy. To confuse us, they continue to imitate each other so that we have to confirm who is who throughout the day. One wears her hair up with a pink rubber band and the other uses a purple rubber band. They know their designated color and will correct us if we give them the wrong rubber band, thermos, or toy.

Early Literacy

Thankfully, the twins now love to have stories read to them before bedtime. We used to try and read to them but one would want to read the story to herself and then the other would not share her book and that would end storytime. Now Anna and Maria want me to read three books each. I must plan on a one-hour prep for bedtime. We recently packed away their cribs and insisted that now they are three, they must sleep in twin beds. Anna and Maria could not believe it when I showed them that the cribs were packed away for baby guests. Their first night sleeping in the twin beds was scary as I did not want to find them wandering around the house in the middle of the night. We were lucky that the beds are high. They cannot climb back up into their beds unless we help them. Thankfully, the grandchildren’s room has many games and books for older grandkids. The twins respect their older cousins and honored the rules of what could be touched and played with during the day.

Gaining Self-Confidence

Now that Anna and Maria have acclimated to being big girls, they will be able to stay at my house more often and visit local parks and museums. They understand that I visit their home every few days and look forward to each new adventure. We will also start creating preschool art projects for the upcoming holidays and visit seasonal events. Being three is an exciting adventure for both the girls. We enjoy sharing this milestone with our cherished granddaughters.

Happy twinning!

Grandma Mary Ann

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