Yikes! The Twins Turn Two!

Yikes! The Twins Turn Two!

What does terrible two look like when twins, who look identical, flip their personalities daily? I could never predict my confusion and joy in grandparenting twins. I watched countless videos about twin antics and read numerous parenting books about twins before they were born. I worked with lots of families of preschool siblings when teaching early childhood education classes. Nothing, however, prepared me for the craziness that twins love to share by confusing their family with their many antics.

Funny Antics

Here are some of their silliest moments:

  • When listening to music, Maria rocks and sweetly shakes her tambourine while Anna loudly blows her flute. Does the music of both toy instruments sound cohesive along with their abundant giggles?
  • When getting ready for an activity, one twin runs in one direction and the other runs the opposite way. Anna hides quietly behind an unlatched door. Grandpa has quietly called for Anna while he hunts for her throughout the house without Anna making the slightest response. Maria, meanwhile, giggles and follows Grandpa on this great hide and seek adventure.
  • Food, pacifiers, and cups are exchanged and shared by both girls. When one is feeling ill, how can a parent identify the owner of each item to control the spread of another virus?
  • When getting ready for an outing, one twin will hold my hand and walk with me to the car. The other will run in the opposite direction back into the house to hide. Do you pick up one to chase down the other?
  • Finally, it is time for a nap (your nap time also) and the twins are safely tucked into their cribs with their lovies. One happily goes right to sleep. The other proceeds to scream until you sneak into the room and hold her for comfort. The sleeping twin wakes up and screams because you have disrupted her sleep. Nap time is over in 15 minutes!

Two Year Old Twin Milestones

Although these examples can become overwhelming, the twins are truly a delight at two. They have achieved the following milestones:

  • Call to Grandma with much enthusiasm and love
  • Sing happy birthday days before a family member’s birthday
  • Play for hours without a care when they entertain each other as they explore their wonderful world
  • Beg for “uppies” and hug me to death while the other twin whines for added attention
  • Snuggles with me at night in the rocking chair instead of going to bed

I would not trade in my role as Grandma of twins. Their love and care is a treasure to behold. They are the best of friends and occasionally will drive each other crazy.

I just laugh at their nonstop antics of imitating each other and flipping their personalities. I will never know who is doing what at a given time. They know that they are loved and treasured. The twins’ love is beyond my wildest dreams of parenting and self-fulfillment as their Grandma.

Share your silliest parenting stories!

Love and care,

Mary Ann

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