What Will We Do With Children This Summer?

What Will We Do with Children This Summer?

It is spring and our children are getting excited about summer camps and activities. Many communities are now scheduling children for summer camps with an alternative plan of online activities if communities are forced to reenter lockdowns due to new COVID outbreaks. Activities that remain flexible include:

  1. Sports camps that reinforce independent skill development drills in sports like soccer and karate
  2. Snow skiing and outdoor sports camps while social distancing with others
  3. Park play, nature hiking, and beachcombing
  4. Swim lessons in a private pool without other students and masked instructors
  5. Cultural camps offered remotely
  6. Outdoors camping and backpacking trips
  7. Computer literacy camps
  8. Entrepreneur online camps
  9. Sewing camps with individualized learning options
  10. Music camps with individualized learning options

Social-Emotional Focus

As you and your children consider summer camp options, consider:

  1. How to enhance the social-emotional needs of your children
  2. Opportunities for your child to socialize with others
  3. How to best limit computer time and enjoy the great outdoors
  4. Activities your child can do to give back to his or her community with community service activities

Much success with adaptable play camps this summer!


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