How to Reduce Kids’ Fighting

How to Reduce Your Kids’ Fighting!

How many times have you lost your mind when your kids fight? Sadly, I find myself regularly trying to keep the peace only to have the children fight me in the process.

One day, I finally changed my approach. I told the children that when they fight or hurt each other, all of them would have to take a timeout! The children resisted. They could not understand why they would be punished if they did not start the conflict. They questioned me for not being fair. Then they challenged my ability to take the time to understand the conflict and make a judgement about who was right and who was wrong.

My Solution for Peace

What I learned from these hard times was that no one is innocent in a conflict. Everyone has a role in the conflict. Some children were the bullies while others resisted the conflict and acted as victims. My solution was simple. Basically, I established zero-tolerance for conflict in our home. Some days were great! The kids played cooperatively together with little conflict. Other days were spent with a couple of timeouts for all children.


Although the approach seemed harsh, my adult children are best friends. I now apply these parenting strategies with my grandchildren. The results are the same with many better days and less conflict. I also remind my older grandchildren that I am not taking the time to care for them just to watch them fight. That is on their time. My time is best spent with fun days of play and adventures.

Please share your stories on resolving conflicts with your children in the comment section below.

Happy parenting!

Mary Ann

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