Multigenerational Play

Multigenerational Play

dreamstime_l_11502595-family-playingFor many of us, holiday gatherings will include three or four generations of family members. What better way to bring family together than through multigenerational play. After our recent Thanksgiving dinner, our family decided to play Heads Up.

We took turns putting the cell phone up to our foreheads. On the phone was the word that the person holding the phone had to guess. The rest of us gave either verbal or nonverbal clues until the person either guessed or time ran out.  We don’t know if we were playing correctly, but we’ve never laughed so much.

The children participated enthusiastically as they watched their grandmother, uncles and aunts being as silly as they were. It was a joyful and unifying experience.

During family gatherings, people are happy to be together, but often, especially with children, conversations get stale. After a while, you run out of questions to ask. When we play a game together our relationships are rejuvenated. We get to know each other better. We get closer. Then, we have more to talk about.

I’ve always felt that family is very important. Our children feel more secure when they feel encircled by people who love them. When we play as a family, we show we care and want to spend time with our children. Our children feel a sense of belonging.

Some of the games we have played in our family are various versions of Monopoly, Uno, Pictionary and even Jenga. What games have you played? We would love to hear of your experiences with multi-generational play.

May your family gatherings be filled with fun times and love.

With love and affection,


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