How We Can Help Each Other in Our Community

How We Can Help Each Other in Our Community

We are only in our first weeks of school and students are already prepared to give back to their communities during the ongoing Covid health and wildfire challenges. Many of our students continue to educate each other on what they should do to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic. They are very careful in wearing their masks, sanitizing their hands, and staying a safe distance from each other in the classroom and while playing outside. Many of my students have made posters of safe health practices for their homes and communities.

Community Services

Other students have been active through their church communities and continue to collect food and clothing at distribution sites for fire victims and families who have lost jobs during the pandemic. Other students have collected money through their church and community support agencies. And others volunteer by helping their siblings and friends with homework, child care, and playing on community sports teams.

Students Become Leaders

Our students learn that by being helpful and learning community leadership skills, they are able to overcome daily challenges that prepare them to effectively cope with uncertain times. Their self-esteem increases as they become capable community supporters in their schools and their neighborhoods.

What can you do to support your children in helping in your school, neighborhood, and community?

Much gratitude,

Mary Ann