Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

During the start of the Thanksgiving week and other winter holidays, I typically help my kids and grandkids prepare for the season by:

  • Organizing a toy giveaway drive for local charities
  • Baking and preparing food for various family celebrations and community events
  • Preparing food and gift baskets for those in need
  • Helping in community service activities
  • Volunteering at local school holiday events
  • Participating in church and community celebrations

Gratitude Reflections

In addition to these events, I also focus on all that is good in my life and help my grandkids reflect on what they love most about the holidays and their daily lives. These reflections help them center themselves on appreciating the many activities that their families participate in each day. This focus helps the kids feel gratitude for all that is good in their lives. It also helps them to not become so demanding about wanting things for themselves. They can start to think of others first and foremost.

Play Dates with Family

When we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, family members can share all of the fun times we enjoy with each other and how we value each other. We can discuss plans for celebrating the upcoming holidays. I will schedule play dates with the grandkids to make gifts, cards, and food items for family members and those in need.

May your Thanksgiving celebration be full of gratitude for your family, friends, and all that you have been given in your daily life.

Much serenity and peace this holiday season!

Mary Ann

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