GenParenting Sponsors Active Parenting Online Groups!

GenParenting Sponsors Active Parenting Online Groups!

The GenParenting bloggers have been using Active Parenting curriculum and strategies ( for over thirty years in parent education workshops and presentations. The online curriculum is practical and relevant for the following reasons:

  • The concepts discussed are basic and easy to understand. The content focuses on six basic concepts:
    • Being a parent is the most important job!
    • Winning cooperation with your child ensures a lasting and happy partnership.
    • Children must learn responsible and disciplined consequences for their actions.
    • Parents must understand their children’s misbehaviors for redirection.
    • Parents can model and reinforce courage, character, and healthy self-esteem.
    • Active parents can organize family meetings for problem-solving and family play.
  • The videos demonstrate how parents can use these effective concepts to ensure healthy conflict resolution outcomes with their children.
  • The curriculum and videos are culturally sensitive and are relevant to the needs of our changing society.
  • The online forum allows parents to discuss with other parents their daily challenges under the guidance of a trained Active Parenting leader.

Online Courses Available at Reduced Rates

As part of our sponsorship with Active Parenting, we are providing the following online courses at a reduced rate of $69.95 each:

  • Active Parenting forchildren ages 5 to 12
  • Active Parenting of Teens
  • Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce

How to Register for These Classes

Parents must use the promo code of “GenParenting” to qualify for this discount when registering for the course online at online courses must be completed within 60 days of registration. Upon completion of the course, parents can print a certificate of completion. If mandated by a family court for a class, parents must contact the family court judge in advance to determine if the content of an online course will satisfy requirements.

Parents who have used Active Parenting material report that their relationships with their children improve measurably. Their time spent with their children is more enjoyable due to the cooperative relationships they have developed. Their children become more responsible and are eager to become active decision-makers and contributors in planning family activities and in setting family expectations. These children become loving adults who continue the journey of healthy nurturance of their children and grandchildren.

Much loving support for your family!

Mary Ann

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