My College Son Thrives When Sheltering in Place!

My College Son Thrives When Sheltering in Place!

E.J. is now in his third year at U.C. Berkeley as a college senior. He has chosen to continue his life at the university in the Bay Area during the coronavirus pandemic. My first reaction to his decision was panic because I wanted my son to return home where life would be safe. My son convinced me that his decision to continue to shelter in place at the university was best because he was used to studying in his college residence while continuing his studies online.

House Rules

E.J.’s house mates also instituted the following safety rules:

  • There are only 10 students living in a residence that typically supports 25 students. This allows for social distancing with each student living in their own room.
  • The students do not allow others to visit inside the house.
  • Students visit with friends outside and on the patio when social distancing.
  • Food is prepared in the kitchen and is stocked to feed students for up to 6 weeks.
  • The 10 students living in the house eat together daily and check in with each other to ensure all are safe and emotionally supported.

Family Check Ins

As my son continues to thrive at this very stressful time, I check in with him regularly to ensure that all is well. When we talk, I remind him about his faith and our practices of spiritual and mindfulness activities. We discuss various exercise routines and how we each keep ourselves from being isolated. We also discuss how my son now has more time to process his school work through the support of Zoom study groups and sessions with his professors through Goggle Meet.

Practice Gratitude

As my child continues to excel when living in a new environment of social distancing, I am grateful for the many growth opportunities that been provided for him during his college years.

Happy distance learning!


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