Distance Learning Best Practices for Middle and High School Students

Distance Learning Best Practices for Middle and High School Students

California’s parents continue to feel overwhelmed as they become their child’s primary classroom teacher for the rest of the school year. While parents feel overwhelmed, they can take comfort that schools are implementing supports for their children. As a leader of two middle schools and a high school in Los Angeles County, our team has instituted the following best practices to ensure that all of our students have equal access and adequate support to succeed this current school year:

  1. All students have been issued computers and online access to all classes.
  2. Each class is staffed by a certificated teacher with a paraeducator to provide individualized instruction to students as needed.
  3. Students log into Goggle Meet for three hours of classes each day in addition to completing two hours of projects and independent study assignments.
  4. An afterschool program is available to students from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. each day. The program offers homework support through small group discussions. Creative clubs provide college guidance, physical fitness, and performing arts activities.

Student Assessments of Work

As students complete their various assignments, they are able to demonstrate coursework competencies by uploading projects and assignments on their online portfolios. In addition to written materials, students can videotape their work and complete proficiency rubrics that document the academic standards that they have attained when completing various projects. Students are also able to complete remedial course work when using the online i-Ready reading and math computer programs that include online diagnostic assessment testing.

How to Socialize with Classmates

As we continue to distance learn with our students, we are expanding opportunities for our students to socialize more through community service projects, spirit week activities, and collaborative projects.

Keep it simple as you work with your children and school families when completing various distance learning activities.

Happy learning!


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